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My name is Jim Blanchard and I'm a software developer working out of Ann Arbor Michigan. I offer affordable application design and development services with an emphasis on stability and useability.
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My first foray into development was with web design about nine years ago. Since then, I've constructed dozens of websites ranging in complexity from simple static webpages to complex ecommerce and web service applications.
Over the past few years, smart phone and tablet presence on the web has exploded. All of my new web applications are designed to be "responsive", allowing for a seamless experience on both mobile and fullsize devices. I also have experience developing native Android applications.
Backend applications are programs designed to run quietly in the background and provide infrastructure for other services. I have experience writing complex server applications and service APIs which are a crucial component of the modern web.
e-Commerce application development presents several unique challenges such as PCI compliance, payment security, and order management. In addition to having constructed custom e-commerce platforms, I have experience working with several commercial e-commerce systems such as WooCommerce and Magento.
With how much we depend on computers and the internet in our every day lives, information security is more important now than ever. All of my applications are designed with the most recent security methodologies and best practices in mind such as CSRF and XSS protections, input sterilization, and secure user authentication.
Beneath most of the applications I write, there is a server in one form or another. I'm skilled in working with Linux and have first hand experience configuring and managing several types of servers and server applications.